Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day

I spent this past weekend with my uncle in my hometown. He was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease around Christmas. It's odd sitting next to someone who knows they will die soon. Every single word seems to have a heaviness to it, but at the same time a light condensed meaning. The body can just let us go for whatever reason and decide to disintegrate.

Seeing the numerous friends visit him daily it's obvious he has left such a beautiful impression on people. It's difficult to witness his friends and my family experiencing so much grief. Saying heartfelt things just in case he isn't there tomorrow.

The one thing I took from my time with my uncle is a level of acceptance. To truly appreciate the people in my life for the way they are... not what I wish they would be. I think expectations are the root of all the pain I've experienced in my life. I tend to resist the way things are... the way people can be and I want to change that.

Life is pretty simple we all want to be heard, really listened to, and loved period. Theres not much more to it I think. (well maybe a little bit more)

I still miss you every single day

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