Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about love lately and what it means to be open in this world without making yourself a constant victim. I spoke to an elderly couple yesterday as I was getting my car fixed and they had been married for 55 years! I asked them how they stayed together for so long and the woman said "Give and take." I laughed and told her I really wanted to get married but at the rate I was going that wasn't exactly going to happen. She reassured me that it would at some point and not to rush it.

There was something so genuine and enchanting about them. They seemed to be so connected with each other that one tiny facial expression given to the other could tell a story. There is so much beauty in this world that I have been overlooking. I'm pretty thankful I can see it at least for now. I do think people need to be appreciated more and loved more but maybe that's a by product of my own wish and I'm projecting it.

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