Saturday, August 28, 2010

Albino Animals


Albino Animals is a Pittsburgh based company that sells handmade cards, clothing, prints and zines.
The overall goal of the company is to practice environmentally friendly construction.

Models: Eric aka Albino Deer and Alicia Ledden
Photographer: Marta Heberle

Friday, August 27, 2010

Early New Years Resolution

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish in the next year or so and I want to create art/healing programs for people who have been through traumatic situations. I started volunteering this week at a woman's shelter and being introduced to the kids made me realize how much I want to make a difference in this world.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Know For Sure

So Oprah wrote out "What I Know For Sure"
Here are mine after much deliberation and reflection. Well in a way it's also things I'm working towards. 

1. I will never ever cheat on the person I'm in a relationship with. I never understood this behavior seems like a waste to throw away a persons respect for a romp in the hay... no thanks.
2. I will never ever have a one night stand or make out with someone I'm not in a relationship with and or dating. I think the body is way too precious to hand out for free at least thats how I feel about mine. (I don't judge others who are more free about it though).
3. I will always treat people with respect and compassion you never know what they are going through.
4. I will love and tell the people in my life how much they mean to me even if it makes them uncomfortable!
5. I will try and be there for my friends but first and foremost for myself so I can be a strong base without self love and strength you can't really help others.
6. I will say things that are uncomfortable and not feel guilty about saying no when I want to.
7. I won't take crap from anyone or be controlled ever again. If someone wants to manipulate me on a daily basis they will be x'ed out of my life for good.
8. I wont have patience for ulterior motives anymore especially when it is very clear they exist.
9. I will pay more attention to what people are saying not just wait for my turn to talk. I want to truly "hear" people and not interrupt them because I am interested in what they have to say...most of the time lol.
10. People are really fragile yet insanely strong at the same time. It is very difficult to break the human spirit.
11. I will ALWAYS stand up for people and the underdog even if it brings humiliation and or ridicule my way (which it has lol). Way too many people watch as injustice is happening and don't speak up! I consider bullying of any kind a tragedy and won't tolerate it.
12. I will do my best not to judge others or be too harsh with myself.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Andy Warhol

I was beyond excited when I was given the opportunity to do this illustration of Andy Warhol's silhouette (I did the white outline of his profile). I must admit I'm still pretty humbled to be apart of anything related to the museum. I've been an Andy Warhol fan since I was a little girl!

When Dodgson was in London, he met a little girl, Alice Liddell. He invited her indoors, put an orange in her right hand and asked her in which hand she was holding it. Then, he put her in front of a mirror, and asked which hand the child in the mirror was holding the orange in. Alice told him that it was in her left hand.  When he asked her for an explanation, she answered: "Supposing I was on the other side of the glass, wouldn't the orange still be in my right hand?" He was delighted with her answer and decided that his new book would be about the world on the other side of the looking glass. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nostalgia - Fiona Apple

I used to adore this album and video for some reason I rediscovered it yesterday. Fiona is so pretty in this video!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Albino Animals Sneak Peak!

I'll be posting some clothing for Albino Animals soon! Here's a peak at a few of the silkscreened tank tops and shirts. We had such a fun time with the photo shoot. Thanks to Eric, Alicia, Marta, Dan and Kasia love you guys!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kiki Smith Exhibition: Sojourn

The Kiki Smith Exhibition Sojourn was the best gallery show I have seen ever. I've been a fan of her work for over 10 years so seeing a full exhibition of hers was a very emotional and inspiring experience for me. Also seeing The Dinner Party was unforgettable.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Puffin Circus- August Issue

The August issue of Puffin Circus is out! I have a painting and two collages in it check it out here. The poetry and art is beautiful. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New York City

I'll be in New York City from 8/5 - 8/11 looking for freelance design and illustration work. I'm really excited to visit the city it's been awhile since I've been there. Heres a link to some things I'm working on Flickr. My new portfolio site will be up by the end of August it includes a really cool background video from my dear friend Eric Bresler

If you would like to meet and review my portfolio email me at


Monday, August 2, 2010


Somewhere - Sophia Coppola

This movie looks amazing! I've always enjoyed Sophia Coppola's movies especially The Virgin Suicides (which is also a brilliant book) and Lost In Translation. She also has a clothing company called Milkfed which I adore. Here's an interview  with miss Coppola on Charlie Rose she's quite inspirational.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wisdom Zine Project

I'm working on a new zine called the Wisdom Project. I'm going to go into places and ask people about what they've learned and take a simple snapshot of them. It's more just curiosity about people in general, but there is a distinct lack of elders in this country so I'm curious to speak with the elderly about what they've learned. But in general I'd like to get info from anyone because everyone has a story to tell that is worthwhile.

My first question is "What is your greatest fear?" Mine is abandonment.

Question 2: What is the most important thing you have learned about life?
Question 3: If you could leave one quote behind on your gravestone what would it be?

Feel free to answer these questions and email your answers to me or leave a comment along with a photo that represents you. You'll be included in the zine I'm working on!

Teenage Wasteland - Maybe or Maybe Not

Over the last two weeks I've had the privilege to meet a few teenagers and discuss with them what their lives are like. When I was younger I dealt with the same things most teenage girls face drugs, sex, and feeling pressured to give up my empowerment as a woman. I remember at that time feeling ugly, alone and simply just uncomfortable in my own skin. I also had a friend who committed suicide when I was 17, it haunted me deeply and created a wave of guilt that almost ruined my life.

I'm always curious about how teenagers feel now because the world is even more fast paced, superficial, and pressured than it was when I was in High School. The young girls I spoke with explained that they did feel extreme pressure to be thin, beautiful and to have sex before they were ready. I wonder why the parents aren't more involved in helping these young women get a foothold?

What I also found fascinating was the explanation of their intimate relationships with their boyfriends. They described to me in detail emotionally abusive relationships but it didn't even occur to them the repercussions of this. Personally I've experienced abuse when I was a teenager and it took me years of hard work and self reflection to be able to move forward. But I still have moments of terror remembering my first relationship and the pain it caused.

Essentially I think most people tend to avoid anything uncomfortable or emotional because we fear being engulfed by it. Also when you engage in opening up and being vulnerable there is a chance of people considering you "weak". I have complete respect for men who engage in any vulnerability because I think society has really forsaken them by considering it a weakness. That only leads to suppressed emotion which in turn can lead to self destructive behaviors, addictions and numbing pain never ever works!

It angers me intensely that society engages in things that help strip men and women of self esteem and power. I do think pain and suffering are extreme teachers in growth though so I don't worry too much about the upcoming generation or my own they will figure it out.

I also wish the parents of these teenagers would open their eyes a bit and try to understand their kids and what they face. These kids need to be loved, appreciated and taught about superficiality. To the women who are measuring themselves against magazines etc those are NOT a true representation but airbrushed lies don't buy into it. It comes down to one word profit so why allow that to be your marker of self worth.

Also parents need to teach their kids how to navigate in this world sometimes you need to go against the grain which can in turn cause others to attack you. People do like to keep things within a certain range so the moment you choose to fully express yourself it can cause problems. I will say I've engaged in a wide range of things and to me the most satisfying living has come from allowing myself to feel and express whatever emotion has come up whether positive or negative. The key is to honor yourself which leads to honoring others.

Just a thought