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Establishing a Comic Artists and Illustrators Cooperative

Andy Scott of Andromeda is putting together an amazing project called The Penna Assembly you can support it on KickStarter here!

From the Mission Statement:
"The Penna Assembly intends to be a membership based, artist-run co-operative that focuses on incubating cartoonists/comic-makers with additional emphasis on illustration and drawing. The facility will offer studio space to prospective and practicing cartoonists, comics artists, and illustrators which can be employed at their convenience. With their membership a member can also use the space for events to promote their new creation through release parties at the shop, selling their publication in our co-operative books section, holding an event to sell original work or other creative means to sell their work.  The overall purpose is to provide affordable studio and production space to passionate artists as well as a means to sell work easily and affordably."

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Pittsburgh Zine Fair: Summer 2011

The Pittsburgh Zine Fair is being held for the first time ever in summer of 2011. Mark your calendars!

The fair will be on Thursday September 1st from 5pm-10pm at A.I.R. in the North Side. It will feature over 30 vendors, workshops, hands-on demonstrations on letter-pressing and screen printing, readings, and discussions!


Monday, July 25, 2011

You never know who you're talking with

So if you know me you're aware each week I drive to Erie to work at my parents laundromat. A curious thing happened this Friday on my drive back to Pittsburgh. I stopped to get gas and when I went to pump it for some reason they wouldn't verify the pay inside button.

I kept furiously pressing the "pay inside button" to no avail and got so annoyed I stomped inside. The lady at the counter said sweetly "I'll come help." She put a sign infront of her register quickly and went towards my car limping a bit, me trailing behind.

She had such a calming demeanor my mood was instantly lifted. As she walked in-front of me  I noticed her beautiful long wavy hair. It was a dark brown with one or two gray hairs but stunning. I told her how beautiful it was. Her kindness seemed to radiate out and she said "I'm so glad I didn't lose it. I have cancer."

At that moment I realized two things: one if my negative mood had taken over I would've missed this. That you never know what a person is dealing with or how a simple comment can change their whole day. Two we discount the beauty that is right in-front of us because we are so busy with "getting somewhere".

When I went into pay I asked if they had sunblock. She again helped by saying "Don't buy it here it's so expensive. I have some in the car " So this woman literally gave me a container of her own sunblock. And she stated "A little kindness goes a long way." I couldn't agree more.

This woman was a gift. She reminded me of love, simple compassion and a deep understanding that life is fleeting. Life can be so magical if you get out of your own way I've found.

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I adore Maslow's concept of Self-actualization

Maslow’s self-actualizing characteristics
  • See problems in terms of challenges and situations requiring solutions, rather than see problems as personal complaints or excuses.
  • Need for privacy and comfortable being alone.
  • Reliant on own experiences and judgment – independent – not reliant on culture and environment to form opinions and views.
  • Not susceptible to social pressures – non-conformist.
  • Democratic, fair and non-discriminating – embracing and enjoying all cultures, races and individual styles.
  • Socially compassionate – possessing humanity.
  • Accepting others as they are and not trying to change people.
  • Comfortable with oneself – despite any unconventional tendencies.
  • A few close intimate friends rather than many surface relationships.
  • Sense of humor directed at oneself or the human condition, rather than at the expense of others.
  • Spontaneous and natural – true to oneself, rather than being how others want.
  • Excited and interested in everything, even ordinary things.
  • Creative, inventive and original.

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Biting Sketches

Set up a new Tumblr for just sketches check it out here.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Tiny Universe

So I've been creating these little art boxes called "tiny universe" for a few years now. I made one for a dear friend years ago and continue to make them according to subjects that interest me. I thought it would be a fun project to make them for other people. You can order a one of a kind tiny universe here

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The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself.
Anais Nin

Ritual in Transfigured Time from Istvan Horkay on Vimeo.

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Slowly Life Becomes What I Dreamed

I'm amazed that my life has taken on what I dreamed about a year ago. I feel free, happy and open to love/people in all forms. I haven't visited my uncle's grave yet and find myself quite terrified of it. The anniversary of his death was last week and again I found myself  in a hole of unbearable grief and anger.The question of why? seems to follow me everywhere. When the only person who understands you is gone life can seem quite unstable.

But it broke me open and I've become the person I was too afraid to be before. Sitting with him at his bedside we talked for hours as the sun came down he told me all his regrets. Most of them were things I WAS DOING in my own life. He always dreamed of going to Africa and putting poachers in jail. He regretted not loving enough in his own words his insecurities wouldn't allow it. At the time my insecurities were so intense and I felt the same way. But after he passed everything made sense my fear dissipated and turned to love.

Life is so short and honestly I've found the things that are huge risks do have the best returns. Say "I love you" as much as possible.

Art Box Location

Here's the location to the Uncovered Space art box it's     
at Frick Park on the Meadow Trail. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Uncovered Space #2

I'll be leaving this assemble box on a trail in Frick Park soon. If you're interested there will be a hand drawn map to the location posted here.

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Sketchbook Project

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BlackBlack is an insanely interesting band from LA, consisting of Diva Dompe , Lola Dompe, and Clark Sch├Ądelkopf. Here's a photoshoot The Selby did. Also, an interview from Urban Outfitters.

Tiny Violins

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Starting to think driving 2 hours to Erie every week is getting to me. Road kill is now starting to appear in my drawings.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thanks Mel

In everyone's life there are witnesses and I'm so grateful for that. This pretty much sums up my life it is a eulogy written by my best friend Mel.

Talking about Gia

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Fleeting Pages Final Event! Saturday, June 4 at 3:00 PM: "What's your Fleeting Pages?"

Saturday, June 4 at 3:00 PM: "What's your Fleeting Pages?" informal idea generation with Jodi.

Confused by how puzzled people have been that she was able to put together Fleeting Pages, Jodi asks, "What's your version of Fleeting Pages?"

There's a way to make any project happen, on some level, especially with collective support.

How it works: Show up with an idea of something you want to do (doesn't need to be about books - all ideas welcome) as well as the biggest obstacle and be open to collaboratively brainstorming ways to make ideas happen for others. So although it's the end of Fleeting Pages, it can also be the beginning of ....

WARNING: be careful about using the word "grants".

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Louis Brooks

Finding silent films to be insanely helpful with drawing emotions. The actors tend to be extremely expressive. Diary of a Lost Girl

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Artist Meetup Tonight at Fleeting Pages!

I'm running an Artist Meetup tonight at Fleeting Pages from 6:30pm - 8:30 pm. Stop by if you can ;) Thanks

The purpose is to share project ideas and support the effort to make a living off what you love. Fine artists, photographers, bloggers, poets, comic book artists, illustrators and musicians welcome. Free. All Ages.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Literary Speed dating tonight at Fleeting Pages!

Tonight at Fleeting Pages 7-9pm: ”I Saw The Best Minds of My Generation Speed Dating, Starving Hysterical Naked” What?!: The rub of most speed dating involves spending the first five of your ten minutes together just trying to get comfortable enough to talk to each other. 

Now, all that awkwardness can be a thing of the past. Equal parts Kafka, Beckett and Carrey; the Master of Ceremonies for ”I Saw The Best Minds of My Generation Speed Dating, Starving Hysterical Naked” will delight, annoy and unite everyone in their desire to make him stop!

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Albion Animals Etsy

Added some clothing to my Albino Animals Etsy shop more to come! Check it out here.


Mike Mills new film! Beginners

I've been a huge fan of Mike Mill's work for a very long while. I consider him a huge inspiration as a designer and as a filmmaker. His new film is called Beginners and looks insanely good. Here is the trailer.

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Fleeting Pages

So after a few problems with the printing (I won't name any names) I finally finished the zine Unbuilding a Wall. You can pick up a copy at Fleeting Pages the first 16 are all one of a kind.

Fleeting Pages is turning into such an amazing and beautiful experience. Here are a few photo's from the last few days.