Sunday, April 3, 2011

Christina's World

When I was little I came across a painting that stuck with me and also seemed to an encompass something quite familiar. The painting was Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth. At the time I felt very uncomfortable in my own skin and also a nagging sense of distrust when it came to my interactions with people. I tended to gravitate towards the forest and spending hours walking in the woods fascinated by nature. In the painting her world seems to be separate yet still connected to what she's viewing.

When I researched the painting I found that Christina was actually physically disabled but I related more to the act of being emotionally vulnerable, almost absent of that instinct to discern when to be protective and set boundaries. Yet at the same time being extremely guarded with my heart and body such an odd paradox.

I've been deeply exploring in my own work what it means to be emotionally turbulent, confused but extremely idealistic and strong as well. I've learned my limitations within what illusions I have created in love. They were quite unmovable and defensive until I realized my main issue was the lack of self love I had. I think love is such a tremendously fascinating topic that only in the last few years I've come to grasp. 

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