Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What bothers me about the Feminist Culture

I've always considered myself a strong woman. When I look through a fashion magazine that is brimming with vacant seductive poses I know those images are there to "sell" a product and as a graphic designer those images are not real. The one problem I have with certain literature with a strong feminist slant is that sexuality can be portrayed in a negative radical way. 

I don't agree that being a strong female means you can't express you're body or feel good about showing it off. What if you like wearing a short skirt? Isn't that the whole point of accepting different perspectives? I also think that portraying women as vulnerable physically is not a completely negative thing. Vulnerability is a strength we don't ALWAYS have to appear strong and in control that only leads to a very stunted way of existing in my opinion. I do think the topic is very important to bring light to and I'm excited to understand more about how women are portrayed within popular culture.

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