Monday, July 25, 2011

You never know who you're talking with

So if you know me you're aware each week I drive to Erie to work at my parents laundromat. A curious thing happened this Friday on my drive back to Pittsburgh. I stopped to get gas and when I went to pump it for some reason they wouldn't verify the pay inside button.

I kept furiously pressing the "pay inside button" to no avail and got so annoyed I stomped inside. The lady at the counter said sweetly "I'll come help." She put a sign infront of her register quickly and went towards my car limping a bit, me trailing behind.

She had such a calming demeanor my mood was instantly lifted. As she walked in-front of me  I noticed her beautiful long wavy hair. It was a dark brown with one or two gray hairs but stunning. I told her how beautiful it was. Her kindness seemed to radiate out and she said "I'm so glad I didn't lose it. I have cancer."

At that moment I realized two things: one if my negative mood had taken over I would've missed this. That you never know what a person is dealing with or how a simple comment can change their whole day. Two we discount the beauty that is right in-front of us because we are so busy with "getting somewhere".

When I went into pay I asked if they had sunblock. She again helped by saying "Don't buy it here it's so expensive. I have some in the car " So this woman literally gave me a container of her own sunblock. And she stated "A little kindness goes a long way." I couldn't agree more.

This woman was a gift. She reminded me of love, simple compassion and a deep understanding that life is fleeting. Life can be so magical if you get out of your own way I've found.

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