Thursday, September 15, 2011

Establishing a Comic Artists and Illustrators Cooperative

Andy Scott of Andromeda is putting together an amazing project called The Penna Assembly you can support it on KickStarter here!

From the Mission Statement:
"The Penna Assembly intends to be a membership based, artist-run co-operative that focuses on incubating cartoonists/comic-makers with additional emphasis on illustration and drawing. The facility will offer studio space to prospective and practicing cartoonists, comics artists, and illustrators which can be employed at their convenience. With their membership a member can also use the space for events to promote their new creation through release parties at the shop, selling their publication in our co-operative books section, holding an event to sell original work or other creative means to sell their work.  The overall purpose is to provide affordable studio and production space to passionate artists as well as a means to sell work easily and affordably."

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Nick Marino said...

I'm super bummed the Kickstarter didn't go thru... but I hope the collective still moves forward!